10 Exact Moments WWE Storylines Lost Us

Adrenaline in my soul... aaaaaaand it's gone.

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No matter how many days, weeks, months, or even years fans find themselves being invested in a compelling story being told on WWE programming, just one dodgy moment can result in fans completely washing their hands of a sports entertainment tale.

As this list will highlight throughout, WWE has a rather frustrating habit of getting folks excited about the concept of one hell of a climactic match, victory, or reveal, only to fail to deliver the desired goods in the end.

The company has obviously shown an ability to produce a well-told story that culminates in a crowd-pleasing moment of joy on occasion. But, more often than not, one specific misstep utterly derails a program to the point of fans just not being interested in its conclusion in the slightest.

It doesn't matter how promising a storyline may seem or how big of an open goal WWE appear to have in front of them, one moment of absolute stupidity or unwanted insanity is sadly never too far away.

So, from failures to finish the story, to entirely ridiculous plot twists, these are those precise moments that made fans ultimately reject various WWE stories.

10. And Kurt Angle's Final-Ever Opponent Is... (2019)

Dean Ambrose Jon Moxley

Back on March 11, 2019's edition of Monday Night Raw in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the legendary Kurt Angle announced that his final-ever match would go down at WrestleMania 35.

And with 'The Wrestling Machine' not announcing exactly who he would be facing in his last appearance inside of a squared-circle, fans understandably began speculating who Angle could end his career against.

The likes of John Cena, AJ Styles, or Samoa Joe were all exciting possibilities. But before fans could get properly carried away about the idea of Angle battling against any of those former rivals, WWE went and poured water on all that excitement with the wholly rejected reveal of Baron Corbin being Angle's final dance partner a week later.

Perhaps this was simply a case of WWE setting up a marvellous swerve on the night, and Cena would deck Corbin on his way to the ring before locking up with Angle in a brief final showcase in front of the MetLife crowd?

Not a chance.

Despite Super Cena very much being present at the stadium that evening, WWE just had Corbin beat the retiring icon in a disappointing six-minute filler match. Though most fans had quite rightly tuned out of this final Angle appearance the second big bad Corbin was announced on March 18.

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