10 Examples Of WWE Punishment Booking

Know your role.

As everyone knows, the worst place to be in wrestling (save, perhaps, for on Ryback's shoulders) is the WWE dog house.

After crossing the line on Twitter, Baron Corbin has reportedly found himself there over recent weeks.

And (for those who didn't hate him already) it has been a little unedifying to watch the 'Lone Wolf' go from one of 2017's break-out stars to being comprehensively buried by John Cena in SummerSlam's opening bout.

But that's often the way it goes in wrestling. Professional conduct is a prerequisite for anyone looking to forge a successful career in WWE, and if you step out of line - no matter how seemingly minor your infraction - you can expect to pay the price. In a very public and humiliating way, usually.

Corbin isn't the first to take a slap on the wrist, of course - and, for as long as late-night social media rants are a thing, he probably won't be the last either.

There have been several examples before him of wrestlers falling down the pecking order after a faux pas - and they often hit a few branches on the way down.