10 Examples Of WWE Punishment Booking

10. Baron Corbin


Corbin's example bears repeating, because his fall from grace has been as dramatic as any wrestling fans can remember.

After emerging victorious from a star-studded Money in the Bank Ladder match in June, the 'Lone Wolf' looked all set to become a world champion by year's end.

But with more exposure comes more critics, and the 32-year-old made the mistake of responding to Twitter provocation with some harsh words of his own - something WWE, apparently, takes a dim view on (unless you pull off a really sick burn).

Instead of winning the WWE Championship, Corbin's cash-in attempt on SmackDown ended with a roll-up victory for Jinder Mahal. Then, later in the same week, he lost inside 10 minutes to John Cena in a pointedly one-sided SummerSlam opener.

Lesson learned, you would imagine.