10 Familiar Faces AEW Should Sign

With the Wednesday night wars heating up, what big signings could AEW have in store?


All Elite Wrestling have burst out of the gate with their ticket sales blowing expectations out of the water. Their hype and interest level in their product is red hot at the moment even before their first television show airing. And the most interesting part is the way they’ve done it.

AEW have built a product around wrestling first, a departure from the trajectory of WWE’s product over the past couple of decades (if not longer). Not only that, but the wrestling is wildly diverse. You could pick your favorite style of wrestling, whether it's hardcore, technical, women’s, high flying, whatever, and you’re likely to find something across the AEW card that will scratch that itch.

The structure of the roster helps with this as well. There are so many different types of talented wrestlers, and apparently only about 40% of the roster has been revealed. This of course leads to loads of speculation on who may be already signed, or who is next to put pen to paper with the upstart company. And that also leads to plenty of familiar names joining the rumor mill.

The aforementioned diversity of the product leaves the possibilities wide open. CM Punk has endlessly heard the speculation first hand and will likely not be the last big name causing the rumour mill to rotate after Jon Moxley’s huge debut.

Without mentioning Punk for the millionth time, who could be the next familiar face to post that they are “#AllElite”?

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