10 Fascinating WWE Backstage Facts About The Undertaker

9. The 'American Badass' Arrived Sooner Than You Think

The Undertaker Quit WWE

Late-1999 was another "bleak period" for 'Taker.

Fans tuning into certain episodes of Raw witnessed him droning on and on (and on and on) about riding motorcycles in the desert with Big Show, or something. Around that same time, the iconic stalwart began making shoot-style comments during promos and on guest commentary. It was all decidedly...un-Undertaker.

Clearly growing bored of his outlandish gimmick, 'Taker toned down the supernatural and demonic characteristics he'd been showing since 1990. That started in the summer of '99, then he vanished from screens in September for a much-needed break. Once the 'Deadman' returned in May 2000, the 'American Badass' biker years began.

In truth, the template for that character started before The Undertaker took time off to heal up injuries and contemplate his future. He was under huge pressure at the time, and even admitted via YouTube that many behind the curtain tried to talk him out of repackaging his persona.


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