10 Fluke Wrestling Wins That Actually Worked

Roll-up! Roll-up! Getcha Roll-ups!

shelton benjamin triple h

Nothing quite beats the story of a plucky underdog trying to overcome the titanic odds that are laid out before them.

This is a through-line that WWE have explored numerous times in the past - to varying success. Daniel Bryan conquering the Authority was no mistake, but there is the odd occasion where a chance victory has presented a platform for a worker to push off and burn down the competition with the new found rocket attached to their back.

Of course, in modern day WWE, the roll-up 'stolen' victory is as common as a superkick and that renders the vast amount of competitors who gain a shock win in this way last week's news by the time Raw or SmackDown LIVE comes around again.

This isn't an attack on the sudden finish that litters our weekly television, it's merely an acknowledgement of how it, and properly executed 'flukes' in general, can be used to further a rookie or promising talent's career.

Anything can happen in the WWE! isn't just a catchphrase we're beaten over the head with; it's the reality that our favourite wrestlers live in. A slip, trip, quick thinking or being in the right place at the right time can change everything.

Now let's see how...

10. Sheamus Fumbles To The Gold (Vs John Cena)

shelton benjamin triple h

After debuting on ECW as the formidable Sheamus, the Irishman made quick work of the likes of Goldust and Shelton Benjamin (more on him later), before transitioning into a role on the flagship, Monday Night Raw.

Sheamus bulldozed Jamie Noble and scored the deciding victory in his PPV debut at Survivor Series for Team Miz, pinning opposition captain John Morrison.

The big man was ready for the big time and there wasn't much bigger than the Franchise himself, John Cena. The soon to be Great White dumped Cena through a table in their contract singing and this acted as a precursor for what was to come.

At TLC, in their tables match, Cena looked to be in a position to launch Sheamus from the top rope through a set table below. Sheamus had other ideas and fumbled his way out of the predicament, leaving Cena to lose his balance a plummet through the wooden structure.

This fluke catapulted Sheamus into the main event picture, and he wouldn't leave it for long over the next six years. He picked up numerous accolades - World Championships, the Money in the Bank briefcase, Royal Rumble winner and King of the Ring - proving that this lucky break was a precise and intelligent move for all those involved in making it happen.


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