10 Forgotten Moments In The Undertaker's WWE Career

10. The Body Bag Gimmick Came Before Caskets

The Undertaker Body Bag

"Put him in a body bag".

If you're relatively new to pro wrestling and have ever wondered why older fans are prone to shouting this at live events after a few beers, then wonder no more. Back in ye olden times, and long before it was replaced by the casket, the chilling sight of a body bag was The Undertaker's trademark.

In his early days as a mortician, 'Taker would squash jobbers then do his best to pack them into the aforementioned 'death suit'. Paul Bearer would help finish the task too, before hapless victims were hauled off to the morgue and presumably never be seen again.

Is it any wonder kids were terrified of this pair in the early-'90s?

The body bag gimmick has been brought out of retirement on occasion, though it hasn't been seen in a seriously long time. Apparently, cramming a lifeless human being into a sack usually reserved for corpses doesn't quite fit the same PG guidelines as stuffing one into a coffin does.


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