10 Funniest Backstage Revelations From Wrestling Podcasts

3. Capital Idea


Elsewhere in this piece, Bruce Prichard's penchant for an animated anecdote acts as a cautionary tale. In this particular case, he seems chase the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Conversation with Conrad turns to WWF's use of not-so-accidental nudity, focusing particularly on the infamous Capital Carnage 1998 scene in which Jacqueline found herself topless whilst straddling Tim White's thankfully broad shoulders.

Pushing Prichard for how Vince approached the stunt with the former WWE Women's Champion, Conrad managed to get two...diverse hypothetical responses. One, Bruce claimed, was how the conversation went down between promoter and talent. The other saw him slip into the voice he'd often use to impersonate McMahon's wildest moments. Listeners were left to consider the reality of both. Presented in full below, are both.

McMahon to Jacqueline, Exhibit A: "Jackie, here in the UK they're a little more brazen. Would you have an issue if perhaps in the middle of the match, that your top might come off?"

McMahon to Jacqueline, Exhibit B: "And in from there, you're on his shoulders, and BAM, your t*ts. And the WORLD gets Jackie's t*ts! Chocolate t*tties!"

Vince McMahon is a billionaire.


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