10 Genius Hints WWE Dropped About Future Feuds

There may be trouble ahead...


That's the best word to describe the set-up for some of WWE's most memorable feuds. In fact, it's a fairly flawless way to characterise how the company do business full-stop; whether stories are pinned down by long-term planning or short-term fixes, WWE like to use little hints before launching into major feuds. It's a tried and tested method of booking.

Of course, not every story receives this kind of attention to detail from the folks at the top of the creative pyramid. Maybe that's what makes the examples laid out here so special, because they've either started sowing seeds early for things that are surely to come in 2020 and beyond or did so in years past.

The true beauty comes from the simplicity of these booking triggers. Some slowly built the foundations of a story before exploding with a heel turn or rift between wrestlers who once seemed to be on the same page. Other rivalries were born because certain characters agreed with long-standing allies despite not appearing to in the beginning.

When this clicks, it's all rather genius...


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