10 Gimmick Ideas WWE Were Right To Turn Down

Sometimes, Vince McMahon is absolutely right.

Vince McMahon

Vincent Kennedy McMahon can't sit on some creative ivory tower and distance himself from those who green-light horrible ideas. He's the guy who gave a big ol' thumbs up to monstrosities like Mantaur, The Gobbledy Gooker, Giant Gonzales and countless other horrors that keep wrestling fans awake at night.

He's also the dude who occasionally says something to the effect of, 'Right, no, your idea is sh*ttier than Natalya's drawers after all the farting she did when playing that gimmick'. The WWE boss might not know everything, but even he has rejected pitches for new characters when he thinks they're going too far.

Think about that: Vince viewed all of the ideas detailed on this list as over the score or downright rotten, and he didn't think they deserved to grace his prized programming. This is the same bloke who gave Chavo Guerrero permission to play 'Kerwin White', a pretty much racist golfer who was President Trump before the Donald had a chance.

McMahon was absolutely correct with every single one of them. Lord knows what would have happened to some careers had he thrown up his hands, agreed to these gimmicks and watched them bomb in front of his cameras...

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