10 Gimmicks That WWE Milked Dry

If something works the first time, expect WWE to abuse it until it finally breaks.

The Fiend

Being at the top means you often receive the largest amount of criticism. WWE knows this to be true, and one of the chief complaints against the promotion is a lack of originality. Yet, every once in a seemingly never-ending while, the sports entertainment company ditches the mold and surprises fans with a new (or at least newer) idea.

Alas, longtime fans of the company recognize the inevitable. Whenever WWE strikes gold with a fresh concept, it's bound to milk it to death.

The reappropriation of proven ideas should come as no surprise considering the thousands of hours' worth of content WWE produces each year for its dozens of outlets. Still, some ideas seem to be abused a little more often than others.

Whether a persona, stunt, or plot device, there are many gimmicks the company has used so many times they no longer generate the loud responses of their heydays. Regardless, WWE is often willing to lose a shoe for want of a nail, and several once-good ideas are stripped of their brilliance in the name of boosting ratings, merch sales, and subscriptions. Or because Vince McMahon thought it was such good sh*t.

10. 24/7, 8/7, 7/11, 24/7, I-95… South, European, Television Champion

The Fiend

Fans tired of the clean-cut and often cartoonlike PG Era felt relief in 2019 when rumors of a grittier Raw third hour and new championship made rounds. As Mick Foley announced the show's last hour was getting darker in May, he held onto a covered belt suspected to be the Hardcore Championship. The idea made sense, especially since the 'Hardcore Legend' was chosen to do the honors.

However, signs of hope diminished when out came an eyesore of a championship with a bland 24/7 center plate.

Behind the scenes, USA Network had pressured WWE into adapting the belt. Although the company followed through, it was in the most lackadaisical ways, starting with a mad grab to become the first champ.

Soon, R-Truth became a saving grace. Some may have hoped for a more serious title, but Truth managed to please with his humor and childish charisma.

It was entertaining to watch the 24/7 Champion run from a slew of jobbers, but then, the same bits repeated themselves for months. Nearly two years later, WWE still relies on the tired schtick with no real innovation. You can only tell a joke so many times before it loses its charm. If WWE intends to keep R-Truth alongside the 24/7 title, something has to change to keep the act fresh and keep fans tuned in.


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