10 Great Matches Hidden On WWE PPV Kickoff Shows

Sometimes it pays to think twice before skipping those "unimportant" pre-shows.


The phrase 'WWE Kickoff Show' doesn't exactly conjure images of great matches. On the contrary, these pre-PPV warm-ups are generally held in such low esteem that many fans don't even bother to watch them. They're skippable, and given the bloated length of WWE's major events these days, that's understandable.

The reasons for this are straightforward. Kickoff Shows primarily exist to warm the crowd up for the big event, and WWE typically fill them with the night's coldest matches. This means they're usually home to lower-card feuds, hastily thrown together title fights, and other bouts with little to no crowd investment. Filler, basically.

But Kickoff Shows aren't always the expendable snoozefests they're made out to be, and while the in-studio pre-show panels can be tedious, WWE occasionally throw viewers a bone with a genuinely great match or two. Such instances are rare, but there have been a handful of occasions where pre-show bouts have legitimately outshone those on the main card, raising the question of why they weren't featured later in the evening.

Their lowly card position means you may have forgotten they ever took place, but these hidden Kickoff Show gems deserve your praise and attention.


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