10 Great Matches Hidden On WWE PPV Kickoff Shows

10. Neville Vs. Bad News Barrett (Extreme Rules 2015)


Neville's initial forays into the main roster didn't yield a lasting push, but did produce a number of solid bouts against upper midcard stars. His matches with Wade Barrett were always bags of fun, and while this Extreme Rules 2015 contest wasn't quite as good as their rematch at King Of The Ring, it was still a strong clash between two underused Englishmen.

The event took place in Chicago, which practically guarantees a red-hot crowd, and the fans were into both men throughout. Neville was particularly entertaining, wowing the audience with elite athleticism, while Barrett tried to slow things down, grounding the high-flier with a stifling grapple-based assault.

Neville's comeback saw him pepper Bad News with a forearm flurry before taking to the skies, but the momentum swung back in Barrett's favour, allowing him to land a number of signature moves. The former NXT Champion gutted it out, though: he kicked out of each one, downed his opponent, then hit the top rope and put Wade away with the Red Arrow.

Barrett was originally set to compete against Daniel Bryan that night, but Neville made for a great replacement, and delivered the strongest bout of his main roster run up to that point.


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