10 Great Matches Hidden On WWE PPV Kickoff Shows

9. The Miz Vs. Kofi Kingston (Survivor Series 2013)

They don't face each other too often these days, but The Miz and Kofi Kingston have always had great in-ring chemistry. reckons the duo have wrestled 76 televised matches together since 2008. Many of these were multi-man affairs, but while their singles bouts never stole the show, they were rarely anything worse than "good" either.

This Survivor Series 2013 Kickoff bout was set up six days prior. Kofi and Miz were teaming against The Real Americans on Raw, but Miz walked out on his partner, and their singles match was booked. What followed was an exciting back and forth affair that further enhanced Miz's status as a Kickoff Show standout, and he ended up taking a clean victory.

Reversing one of Kofi's pin attempts into a roll-up, Miz scored the 1, 2, 3. He extended a pseudo respectful hand to Kingston in the aftermath, but Kofi rejected the peace offering, and slapped the taste out of his mouth instead. The ensuing feud wasn't much to write home about, and the duo were unable to match their Survivor Series bout's quality prior to settling their beef at TLC 2013 three weeks later, but that doesn't detract from this contest.


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