10 Great WWE Feuds That Never Got A PPV Match

10. Eddie Guerrero vs. Steve Austin


Despite working together a few times on TV (most notably on an episode of SmackDown in 2000), Eddie Guerrero and Steve Austin would never collide on pay-per-view. The tragic thing here is that such a match definitely seemed to be the plan before Austin "took his ball and went home" in June 2002.

How dare he.

Guerrero and Austin had been programmed together for a week or two on Raw before 'Stone Cold' decided he wasn't being booked properly and walked out hours before a live broadcast. By the time he returned, WWE had forgotten all about the feud with Eddie; they'd already moved Guerrero on to another issue with Ric Flair.

Whilst that was a fun rekindling for old WCW fans, it was nowhere near as blockbuster as Guerrero vs. Austin would've been. Had Steve stuck around, he would've enhanced Eddie's reputation, got some morale-boosting wins and exorcised the demons lingering from his Scott Hall feud.


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