10 Greatest Hits Of WWE Hall Of Famer Jeff Jarrett

1. Fabulous


Jeff Jarrett's inadvertently hilarious misogynistic gimmick was arguably the most sardonic success story of the Attitude Era. In a period so bereft of irony and nuance, Jarrett's loathsome display

His unprovoked anti-women agenda was subversively defined by his equal opportunity offences - never better illustrated than by the time he wrapped his guitar around the head of The Fabulous Moolah.

The former Women's Champion and her equally elderly colleague Mae Young proved not to be shy of a violent spot or two during their unlikely reemergence in the late-1990s, but the darkly comedic sight of the septuagenarian suffering a stringed strike summed up the silliness of 'Double J's sexist crusade.

Having cooly brushed off the challenge of Chyna ahead of their pay-per-view meeting later than month, Jarrett faced a scalding from Moolah for not taking the 'Ninth Wonder Of The World' serious. Outraged at her interruption, he took instrumental action before taunting Mae Young all the way into a Figure Four Leglock.

Allegedly selling anger and disdain respectively, neither Jarrett, Debra nor Miss Kitty could resist corpsing slightly at the sheer state of the ridiculous spectacle.

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