10 Greatest Things About WCW’s Final Year

9. Goldberg's Greatest Ever Match

Scott Steiner

If you take away the smoke and mirrors of a hard-hitting three-minute (or less) dominant squash match victory, Bill Goldberg has never been known to have great matches.

To Da Man's credit, he was never particularly positioned to have lengthy back-and-forths - and that formula of Goldberg running through an opponent in mere minutes was a hugely successful formula for WCW.

When it comes to the genuinely great Goldberg matches of WCW, though, only a handful really stand out.

DDP at Halloween Havoc '98 was one. Bret Hart at StarrCade '99 was another. But the greatest match of Goldberg's career came at Fall Brawl 2000, where Bill matched up against Scott Steiner in a No DQ contest.

Despite the groan-inducing aspect of a Vince Russo run-in, Bill vs. Scotty was quite the hoss fight, as these two jacked-up sorts threw each other all over the place and generally beat the hell out of each other. And even better, it was the Big Bad Booty Daddy who went over here, which in turn further pushed Steiner as a legitimate main event talent - as shown by him dethroning Booker T to become World Heavyweight Champion two months later at the Mayhem PPV.


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