10 Greatest Wrestling Matches Of Scott Hall's Career

Over a 26 year career, what were the best matches for The Bad Guy in WWE and WCW?

Jeff Jarrett Razor Ramon

One of the most influential men in the history of professional wrestling, Scott Hall left a massive impact on every company he worked for. With a career that started in 1984 for the wider National Wrestling Alliance and spanned 26 years, Hall was a part of some of the biggest moments in wrestling throughout that time.

What is often overlooked about The Bad Guy is the amount of quality matches he had during his career. From his legendary rivalry with Shawn Michaels to his run in the nWo, Razor Ramon had more than his fair share of stellar matches. Whether he was in the opening match, or in the main event for the WWE Championship, Scott Hall could always be relied on to put on a solid bout, and on one particular night, one of the greatest in-ring classics ever.

Scott himself said it best in his WWE Hall of Fame induction, "Hard work pays off, dreams comes true. Bad times don't last, but bad guys do."

With that in mind, let's take a look back at the ten best matches in the career of the legendary Scott Hall.

10. Vs. Team 3D - TNA Lockdown 2010

Jeff Jarrett Razor Ramon

Arguably one of Scott Hall's best matches was one of the final stage of his career.

Coming into Lockdown 2010, Scott was supposed to be teaming with Syxx-Pac, Sean Waltman, against Team 3D. However, the former X-Pac was not able to appear at the event, which meant there was an opening to team with The Bad Guy. Following the advice of Triple H, when Hall went to to war he looked to The Kliq. Insert Kevin Nash, who had already won a steel cage match earlier in the night against Eric Young.

Known in TNA as The Band, Nash and Hall had a very entertaining cage match against Team 3D, especially considering the age of everyone in the match. It was as violent as you would expect from a match featuring the ECW Originals, and the back and forth action allowed Hall and Nash to look right at home despite never having teamed together inside of a steel cage. This Falls Count Anywhere Steel Cage match was just over seven minutes from opening bell until Scott Hall would lose after falling victim to the 3D. As the match is available for free via Impact Wrestling's YouTube channel, it is certainly worthy of a rewatch.

What makes this match even more impressive for the former Razor Ramon is that he would only wrestle in three more matches before hanging up his boots and calling it a career.


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