10 Highest-Rated WWE Raw Segments Ever

If "This Is Your Life" isn't number one, what is?

higher power vince undertaker

Pop quiz time: What do ratings for Raw segments like the "Higher Power" reveal (7.03), a tense confrontation between Steve Austin and Mike Tyson (4.7), and the Edge/Lita "Live Sex Celebration" (5.2) all have in common?

Answer: None of them rank in the top 10 highest-rated segments in the show's history. If that comes as a surprise, it should, and things get even more shocking when realising that those famous moments were even outranked by a bikini contest between Debra McMichael and Nicole Bass on the 7 June 1999 episode.

That quarter hour pulled a massive 7.13 rating.

These numbers all come from the Wrestling Observer's archives. Others of note that missed out on the top 10 include the Raw 1000 main event segment involving CM Punk, John Cena and The Rock. That earned WWE a 4.43 rating in 2012, and shows the difference in general interest surrounding the product.

Whether you think praise lavished on the financially lucrative Attitude Era is correct or not, you won't believe some of the quarter hours that popped Raw's biggest scores...


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