10 Huge Questions Raised By Stephanie McMahon Quitting WWE

Stephanie McMahon is gone from WWE, and Vince is back. What's coming next?!

Triple H Vince Stephanie McMahon

Next week on your WWE 2K22 Universe Mode save, Raw will be invaded by aliens who subsequently claim to be the new WWE owners. Then, 'Here Comes The Money' will hit and Shane McMahon will emerge to tell the world that he's running for US President. Sounds daft, doesn't it?

WWE's reality is a bit wild and unpredictable too.

In July 2022, Vince McMahon sensationally retired amidst sexual misconduct allegations. Triple H was installed as new head of creative, and both Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan became co-CEOs. Since then, WWE has earned back some lost goodwill from both critics and wrestling fans, but Vince is now back in the frame and Steph has literally just resigned.

The entire pro wrestling community waits with bated breath to see what's coming next in the topsy turvy realm of World Wrestling Entertainment. Rumours of sales to Saudi Arabia, the continued investigation into Vince's behaviour, Stephanie's departure - to think, all of this is happening during WrestleMania season!

Recent events have thrown up many interesting questions about Vince, Stephanie, Triple H, Saudi Arabia, 'Mania and more. Here are the juiciest ones you really need to know about.

10. Will She Ever Be Back?

Triple H Vince Stephanie McMahon

Is that a wrap on Stephanie's WWE tenure?

Probably not, but it's a valid question nonetheless. McMahon has spoken of needing some time out from day-to-day business, and she'd really like to spend some more time with her family. That's admirable, and it's definitely way more important than what happens to a pro wrestling product.

Maybe Steph will enjoy some down time though. Her father, quite clearly, was itching to get back in about it after less than six months on the retirement shelf, but maybe his daughter is different. Perhaps the 'Billion Dollar Princess' has had her fill of WWE life and wants to try something else.

Nobody other than Stephanie herself really has the answer to this question. It's possible she needs a mental break, then will return all guns blazing towards the end of 2023. However, it's also possible that she's had enough of the stress and will never launch a company comeback.


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