10 Huge Wrestling Matches That Happened WAY Too Late

10. Sting Vs. Triple H (WrestleMania 31)


Anybody who bought a ticket to WrestleMania 31 in the hope that they'd be witnessing the early 2000's version of 'The Game' Triple H taking on the late '90's iteration of 'The Icon' Sting were surely left thoroughly disappointed by what they actually got on the night.

Yet, anyone with half a brain knew that the chances of a 5* classic here were slim to none.

In all fairness to the pair, they put on the best possible match they could given their obvious handicaps - Sting being in his mid-50s by this point and Trips now being more of a chiselled show pony than a bonafide ring general.

Even all the bells and whistles of the nWo and DX popping up to reinforce their respective allies - despite Sting and the nWo being at odds for much of their WCW tenures - couldn't save this match from feeling like it should have happened ten years earlier.

Just imagine if Sting had waited in the wings for a couple of years following WCW's demise, only to finally appear on WWE television around 2003/4 as the last vigilante, his sole purpose now being to bring down the titan that took away his home, thus leaving Triple H (bolstered by Evolution) to protect his turf.

Instead we got the King of Kings massaging his fragile ego in front of 75,000 strong and a broken down Sting opening his WWE account with an 'L'.


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