10 Huge Wrestling Stars Who Lost To Ridiculous Opponents

10. The Undertaker Loses To Vladimir Kozlov

Vladimir Kozlov The Undertaker

Twilight years Vince McMahon, in a cosmic joke of sorts, is really good at booking - but only on behalf of characters that nobody gives a single sh*t about.

Enter Vladimir Kozlov, the man who infamously wrestled Triple H to blanket silence. This actually applies to one of every two Triple H opponents, post-2000, but in this specific instance, the opponent was at fault. Kozlov was a crushing nothing of a bore. He worked a deeply pedestrian grappling style and seemed to appear on television after doing a single inadvertently funny gurn in developmental before John Laurinaitis deemed him good enough to play the foreign menace. He was a living Futurama gag, only stripped of any semblance of entertainment value.

Booked as a seismic shock, there was no reverberation with which Kozlov launched a top heel run - because nobody cared enough to make any noise to begin with.

'Taker actually enjoyed the best years of a legendary career after this dire booking decision, so it couldn't have been too dire. It scans as trivia more than sacrilege in 2022.

Beating 'Taker clean just to fall to babyface Triple H: he really is The Game.

Or was, before he chased star ratings instead of horny green muscleheads.

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