10 HUGE WWE Super ShowDown 2020 Predictions You Need To Know

All Change.


It's that time of year again.

Only, it's not, is it? A Saudi Arabia supershow hasn't yet been a speed bump on the vaunted Road To WrestleMania, but then the Sports Authority can do whatever they want as long as they remain paymasters of a company never more welcoming of the wealth.

Crown Jewel 2019 was the biggest success story for the scheme so far - the fans in the venue responded with great joy for the product served to them, weird old rich fellas on sofas were kept on the other side of the hard camera, young girls seemed genuinely moved by the Natalya/Lacey Evans match even if Michael Cole and Corey Graves almost ruined it with their own laboured emotional response, and home country star Mansoor continued his march to possible glory by the end of this deal with a powerful singles win over Cesaro.

The whole thing bordered on feeling...good, which was a remarkable turnaround from the disgusting events just one year prior. Then, just as the company concluded their cleanest ever sportswash, the whole roster got stuck in the country due to a-still-not-fully-disclosed disagreement between the SA and Vince McMahon or weather or some other bullsh*t that could well happen again this week.

John Cena's booked for Friday's SmackDown just in case, but what of the rest of the risk-takers on this relatively understated effort?


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