10 Iconic Wrestling Themes You Never Knew Were Recycled

3. Randy Savage Borrows From Gorgeous George


Some sources credit someone named Glen Stride with introducing theme music to professional wrestling, while other sources favor “Gorgeous” George Wagner; the latter seems more likely, given that he was also responsible for introducing bleached blonde hair, female valets, extravagant robes, and blatant heel cowardice to the sport. His unique combination of perceived effeminacy and cruel aggression on offense made him a true standout from his contemporaries. His theme music? None other than Edward Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance", best known as the song customarily played at graduations, but known to wrestling fans as the long-time theme of "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

No doubt Savage was inspired by the pioneering Wagner. Besides the music, the Macho Man would also borrow -- and put his own unique spin on -- the glittering robes, the pink and purple trunks, and his real-life wife as his manager. Later in his career, Savage would even purchase the rights to the gimmick with the idea of bestowing it upon his brother. When that fell through, Savage's then-girlfriend became the Gorgeous George of Team Madness along with Madusa and a young Molly Holly.


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