10 Iconic WWE Hardcore 24/7 Title Defences

Way back when the WWE was hardcore 24/7 and Stevie Richards was a 21 time champion...


While the 24/7 Championship has been on a downturn since The Singh Brothers entered the championship scramble, there was a streak where the 24/7 segments were some of the more entertaining moments on WWE weekly programming.

The 24/7 Championship will never replace the source of its inspiration, the Hardcore Championship, in the hearts of Attitude Era fans. It’s more piggyback dashes than barbed wire baseball bats; more celebrity cameos than blood and thumbtacks. However, while the 24/7 Championship lacks hardcore, the division is no less erratic. In the 24/7 Championship’s short run, R-Truth is only four wins away from surpassing Raven’s record 27 Hardcore Championship reigns.

Mankind became the first ever Hardcore Champion when he was awarded the title on the 2 November 1998 episode of Raw. It was Crash Holly who brought the 24/7 rule into effect when he won the title on the 22 February 2000 episode of SmackDown, giving referees the option for overtime without the soul crushing task of officiating Gillberg matches on Sunday Night Heat.

The Hardcore Championship was unified with the Intercontinental Championship following a match between Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer on the 26 August 2002 episode of Raw, leaving the WWE Universe with a long list of reigns (240) and many moments of iconic chaos.


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