10 Important Decisions AEW Have To Make

Ten important decisions that could define AEW's legacy as they prepare to debut on TV in October.


With WWE seemingly acknowledging their "new competitor" in their Q2 conference call, it seems AEW is officially on the radar. But just like WCW and IMPACT before it, there are many decisions that can bring you from competitor to outcast in the wrestling world.

The multitude of bad decisions leading to the death of TNA and birth of IMPACT should serve as a cautionary tale. There was a moment in time when people realistically believed that they were the new big dog coming for WWE's head. But they ended up spending most of their time chasing their own tail.

AEW can't be the new WCW, or the better TNA. They need to build something all their own that will stand alone as WWE's greatest threat ever. And a lot of that will come from the decisions they make. They can't ignore what has caused other companies to fail in the past. History is bound to repeat itself, but AEW cannot. For example, not hiring Vince Russo as their head writer or Hulk Hogan to do anything is a good start. Now they just need to keep on the right track with what comes next.


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