10 Important Steps In The Undertaker's WWE Evolution

10. Switching Managers From Brother Love To Paul Bearer

On November 22nd, 1990, the mysterious fourth man for Ted DiBiase€™s Million Dollar Team was revealed to be the Undertaker. He appeared as a tall, ominous-looking figure in grey and black clothes, dressed as a mortician. His face was pale and zombie-like to a degree€and he was led to the ring by his manager, the loud, red-faced preacher Brother Love. Despite being a heel manager (back when managers were actually important), Brother Love€™s character simply didn€™t mesh well with the Undertaker; he stood out so much that they might as well have been an apple and an orange. As a result, the first major change in the Undertaker€™s career was his change in managers, from Brother Love to Paul Bearer. It doesn€™t take a genius to see that the two of them meshed perfectly, with Bearer€™s ghoulish appearance and over-the-top voice and mannerisms complimenting the Undertaker€™s silence and mesmerizing gaze. It also helped that William Moody was a real life mortician, which went better with the Undertaker than a red-faced preacher spreading €œthe word of love€. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3g5jysAqYAs The combination of Paul Bearer and the Undertaker was absolutely perfect. Together they ran roughshod over the WWE, with the Undertaker destroying his opponents in the ring, while Bearer intimidated them from outside the ring. And of course, this led to the idea of the Undertaker€™s sacred urn. Bearer carried the golden urn, which was said to be the source of the Undertaker€™s powers. This became a story itself, as many of the Undertaker€™s opponents, from Kama Mustafa to the Dudley Boys, stole his urn. This latter feud even led to the Undertaker €˜killing€™ Paul Bearer by €˜burying him in cement€™. It is a shame we will never hear Paul Bearer€™s iconic €˜Oooohhh yeeeeeeeesss€™ ever again. Rest in Peace, William Moody.

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