10 Incredible Wrestling Storylines That Will NEVER Happen

If you want Omega vs Punk, you're bang out of luck!

Kenny Omega CM Punk

If you're a wrestling fan, then the phrase missed opportunity is burned into your head.

The wrestling industry is littered with things that should have been big but fell flat - if they even happened at all. A painful example is when a wrestler shows incredible promise only to be squandered by a promotion. Another is when a highly anticipated match fails to deliver. But things can always get worse, especially when you see something you want and know you'll never get it.

This has happened time and time again, as wrestling fans make perfect dream matches and storylines in their heads, only for circumstances to keep them from happening.

Did you want to see Sting vs. The Undertaker? Well, tough luck! How about Hulk Hogan vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin? Yeah, better luck next time! History is full of once-in-a-lifetime stories that were never told, and sadly, there are plenty in the modern world that will also never happen.

The following ten examples are mouth-watering storylines featuring dream match showdowns and great potential stories. But don't bet on them coming to life unless you want an empty wallet.

10. AJ Lee Vs. Mercedes Moné

Kenny Omega CM Punk

Seeing wrestlers retire before their time is a pain fans are all too familiar with. The beloved AJ Lee was one such name who had to step away from in-ring competition due to neck injuries, and some speculated tensions between her and WWE.

Since leaving the company, she has remained a stranger to the industry, barring her involvement as a producer and commentator for Women of Wrestling.

Her retirement was tragically early not just in how young she was, but also in the fact that women's wrestling soon changed completely, with new stars and better matches than ever. As such, a strongly desired wrestling story is the triumphant return of AJ Lee, and if you want a good opponent for it, then you'd be daft not to think of Mercedes Moné.

Some call Moné the hottest free agent on the market, and she certainly fits the bill. Hell, you heard the reaction when the camera picked her up at All In; it was booming! She would undoubtedly mesh well with Lee in her prime, and this would no doubt be a great rivalry.

Unfortunately, Lee has shown no likelihood of pulling an Edge/Saraya/Bryan Danielson and coming out of retirement. Plus, AJ will likely want to steer clear of AEW for the time being, which is where Moné seems to be headed.


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