10 Infamous WWE Conspiracy Theories

Were there actually two Ultimate Warriors?


Conspiracy theories are everywhere, and professional wrestling is no exception. Traditionally, wrestling has been based on secrecy, the fans aren't supposed to know what really goes on backstage, and are expected to believe that everything they see in the ring is one hundred percent legitimate. It was much easier to keep up that illusion when the internet was not around, but now, with such easy access to fan created rumors, and the so called "dirt sheets," fans are more in touch with the inner workings of the business than ever.

That may not always be a good thing though. One anonymous post on a forum can spread through the internet and be accepted as the truth. This is because everybody loves a good conspiracy. Why was my favorite wrestler fired? Was this scandal covered up by the people in charge? Was this match really supposed to end that way?

Of course, most of them are complete rubbish, but some run deeper than others, and many of them even make a lot of sense. Wherever the truth may lie, it sure is fun to speculate. From the totally outlandish to the utterly depressing, this is a look at some of the stories that wrestling fans have been arguing about for years.


Brandon Tischer is an avid wrestling fan who has been watching since he was a kid. He, along with his friends, have made a pact to never miss a Wrestlemania together.