10 INSANE Dream Wrestling Matches We’d Love To See (But Never Will)

Fantasy booking that only leads to longing: Cesaro vs. Owen Hart and more...

Cesaro Owen Hart

More so than any traditional sports, professional wrestling has an inherent habit of valorising its past. If you ask a wrestling fan their favourite all-time match or wrestler, they are highly unlikely to draw on anything too close to today. However, alongside this, those still active in the fandom see enough merit in sports entertainment to return to the product week after week.

This fandom, with a foot anchored to the past and one resting in the present, inevitably invites conversations around dream matches between generations; those bouts that are impossible typically due to death, retirement, and red tape.

Due to the widespread nature of wrestling in terms of competitors, promotions, match types, etc., our fanbase has a surplus of legends and possible combinations compared to other stereotypical sports. This pours further fuel on the flames of fantasy. Hopefully you can see the following matches as fun hypotheticals to spark debate rather than taunting you with fanciful make-believe.

We'll leave their outcomes up to each of you. Let us know your winners in the comments...

Note: All statistics are taken from Cagematch.net

10. Scott Steiner Vs Brock Lesnar

Cesaro Owen Hart

Tale of the Tape

Scott Steiner: 6ft 1in / 264 lbs / 1x WCW World Heavyweight Champion

Brock Lesnar: 6ft 4in / 266 lbs / 5x WWE Champion, 3x Universal Champion

Lesnar vs. Steiner is perhaps not the first fantasy bout you'd typically dream up, but the match of brute strength and explosive tempers would be a sight to see. It would serve up a classic pro-wrestling offering; Hoss vs. Hoss. The sport at its core is two huge and seemingly unstoppable competitors testing their mettle in the ring.

However, Lesnar and Steiner have the advantages of the hoss archetype, without the downside of lacking technical wrestling skill. Both men are former amateur wrestlers who competed at college level. Many forget Steiner's in-ring peak during the early '90s when he and brother Rick were one of the must-see tag teams, and the Frankensteiner was wowing audiences. Yet, Steiner's legacy is largely his meme-ability, and, unfortunately, his 2003 feud with Triple H that was responsible for some of the Ruthless Aggression Era's most memorable flops.

The two hulking beasts on a poster alone could sell out a pay-per-view, though, due to the controversy Steiner has courted, it's unlikely he would ever compete in WWE again, and even if he did he wouldn't be trusted with a star attraction such as Lesnar.


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