10 Insane Moves WWE Will Make To Save 2020

Backstage To Main Stage.


WWE have gone very very big, very very bold, and very very stupid with their build to the Edge and Randy Orton WrestleMania rematch.

The decision to brand it as - and this is verbatim - 'The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever' felt wide of the mark before the company even revealed it as a slogan. Charley Caruso casually dropping it in between the 'Rated-R Superstar' and 'The Apex Predator' a week before it was confirmed as such was a catastrophic on-screen moment for the otherwise-excellent interviewer. There was a loud show of disapproval for their WrestleMania match from the only audience with any volume at the moment. Yes, for a change, the online response actually carried a bit of weight because it was the only one available.

The pair disappeared in its aftermath thanks to a finish that at least implied that the feud was over, but returned to pick right back up where they left off. setting the table for whatever WWE are thinking with this clap-back of a b-show main event. Just in case you were getting optimistic for a second, this was confirmation that we - fans, WWE management, Edge and Orton themselves - are still in the darkest timeline.

And sticking with them for a second...

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