10 Insane Reasons Wrestlers Got Sued

The other kind of "wrestler's court".


It doesn't matter if you're in the ring or outside it, wrestling is a hazardous business. While we all gleefully delight in watching human bodies plummet from atop ladders, through tables, or onto spiky things, what goes on in front of the cameras is normally choreographed to be as safe as humanly possible. Real-life, I'm sorry to inform you, is not.

Compared to the sort of trials awaiting them out there, the choreographed perils they endure as a "day job" usually pale in comparison. You see, pro-wrestling is an American pursuit and, as a national pastime, its popularity only really wilts next to the true cultural behemoths of baseball, patriotism, and filing frivolous lawsuits against absolutely anybody who has done you wrong.

And, in some cases, even people who obviously haven't.

Wrestlers, being the larger-than-life celebrities that they are, tend to get sued all the time. Usually, it's for boring things like image rights, violated contracts (Brock!), or mishaps inside the ring but, this being the most deranged industry on Earth, sometimes the legal proceedings are more bizarre than any story that's been concocted by Vince or his team of breastfed soap writers.

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