10 Insane Reasons Wrestlers Got Sued

9. Being Asked By A Fan For A Fight, And Obliging Him - The Big Show

Paige Titus

Shedding his gimmick as Andre The Giant's Actual Son, in favour of real gimmick of Just Being One Of The Lads, Paul Wight was relaxing after a WCW show in New York by joining some fans for a drink in a hotel bar. As you can imagine, a man that size can seriously put the sauce away, so the rowdiness levels tend to get a bit lowty.

However, one man present, a Robert Sawyer, thought he should take things up a level by challenging The Big Show to a fight. Presumably, given that Sawyer himself was a fairly respectable 6'6", 220+lbs, he must have thought he could take him and repeatedly tried to goad his larger adversary with a series of verbal insults.

He insulted both his ability and size (?!?!) to no avail, before trying to push Show over. For his troubles, he received a right hook that simultaneously knocked him out and broke his jaw in the process, ending the fight about as quickly as it had started. He attempted to sue, Big Show's lawyer's claimed self-defence, the judge realised the man was an idiot, and found in the defendant's favour.

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