10 Insane Reasons Wrestlers Got Sued

8. Getting Cattle-prodded - Titus O'Neil

Paige Titus

Now, if I gave you a few small pieces of information, do you think you could orgainse them into a cohesive story? Let's try.

- A WWE employee files a lawsuit against another WWE employee.

- Titus O'Neil is jabbed with a cattle-prod.

- Paige is filming an episode of Swerved.

Now you, a normal person, have probably assumed that having been electrocuted by one of his colleagues, O'Neil saught legal damages for the physical trauma this no doubt caused. You'd be wrong, though, as it's actually O'Neil - again, the man literally jabbed with a cattle-prod - who ended up on the wrong side of this. Somehow.

According to reports in TMZ, cameraman Donald Anderson claimed that O'Neil kicked his camera out of his hand after being shocked during the prank. Allegedly, he suffered "serious injuries to his hands, fingers, and wrist, and was told to leave "in fear of future attacks". For this, he was looking for over a million dollars in damages, but settled out of court.

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