10 Insights Into Working With Triple H

Vince Russo shares his thoughts on Triple H.

Before I strike even one letter on my keyboard, I already know that this is going to be a losing battle for me. So, before I begin, I need to preface one thing: I have not worked for World Wrestling Entertainment for 15 years, and I don€™t plan on working for them any time soon. With the current structure of their creative €œdepartment€---I guess---there isn€™t a chance of my personality, and my writing style fitting within their framework---not one chance. THEREFORE, my assessment of Triple H, having both the privilege and opportunity to work with him for the first four years of his WWE career, have NOTHING---and, I repeat---NOTHING---to do with me looking for employment within their organisation. My views and opinions of Hunter are all attributed to my first-hand experiences in working with him. Now, please keep in mind, that I left the WWE long before Triple H even began dating Stephanie McMahon, so I never had the opportunity to work with him when he was in a position of any sort of power. When I worked with 26 year-old Paul Levesque, he was just one of the boys looking to make a living out of the thing he loved most---professional wrestling.

10. It Started With Perfection

When Hunter first came into the WWE, I had the privilege of being the first guy that he was handed off to when it came to developing his character€”Hunter-Hurst-Helmsley, The Connecticut Blueblood. There was little doubt that we were feeling ourselves around in those very early stages of his WWE career. Looking back, I remember that there was a woman in charge of Human Resources at the time, her name was Lisa Wolf. Lisa was in charge of bringing in the various beautiful females that Triple H had by his side during all his promos, and his walk to the ring. If you remember---Rena Mero was one of those early valets. The day of the show Lisa would have a minimum of 8-10 models on hand, as we used them all in cutting Hunter€™s pre-tapes. Two things stand out to me regarding Triple H and this time. For starters, he was an absolute gentleman around those gorgeous ladies, there was nothing €œwrestler€ about him. He treated them with the utmost respect as a professional, all holding them to a high regard. But, the thing that stands out the most concerning those early days was that Hunter was a PERFECTIONIST. I mean, we shot pre-tape, after pre-tape sometimes for HOURS, but throughout it all---Hunter never complained. The fact is that he wanted every take to be PERFECT----he wanted to leave nothing on the table. This sense of €œI could do it better€, told me early on that this €œkid€ had a future in the business.
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