10 Insights Into Working With Triple H

9. Thank You Sir, May We Do Another?

During that character building year of 1995, when I was just really on the cusp of breaking into creative, I was splitting my duties as Editor of the WWE/RAW Magazines, and working with talent on their promos. At that time, I was scripting everything that Triple H was saying. Now, keep in mind, I was in no way, shape, or form at an Executive level at that point, however with the way Triple H treated me you would have never known. After every session Triple H was greatly appreciative towards me when he really didn€™t have to be. I wasn€™t the one with any decision making power at that point. But, to Hunter, it simply didn€™t matter. What DID matter however was that he knew that I was TRYING TO HELP HIM. He knew that I wanted him to be the best that he could be---just like he did---and, he was forever thankful for that. Like me, Triple H realized early on that it was vital in the business to treat everyone that you met, or worked with, with the utmost respect, because even if they were curtain jerkers at the time---like I was---you never knew who was going to break-out as the Main Eventer.
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