10 Insights Into Working With Vince McMahon

8. The King Of Sports Entertainment Knows Nothing About Sports

WWE.comWWE.comAll right, here€™s the thing---if you€™re a €œGUY€, then you have to be talking sports each and every day of your life. Now, add to that---if you are a €œGUY€ who hangs around athletes every day, you HAVE TO BE talking about sports ALL THE TIME! Right? WRONG! In all the hours that I spent with Vince, I never heard him talk about sports once---NOT ONCE. Football, baseball, basketball, women€™s field hockey---NOTHING---NEVER. I remember a specific time in 1997, when my beloved San Francisco Giants were in the playoffs and they were facing off against the Florida Marlins. Man, I was so jacked for this series, but I can remember quite vividly, that one of the games aired while I was working at Vince€™s house. Now, this is how loyal a die-hard Giants fan I am----I didn€™t care. I was going to ask Vince if I could leave school early today, so I could go home and watch the baseball game!!! I remember that in approaching Vince I was real nervous, not because of what I was asking him, but because I wasn€™t sure whether or not he would be able to relate to my love for the game. If he didn€™t understand, then it was more important to him that I stay there and finish up. The outcome---Vince let me leave---and the FREAKIN€™ GIANTS LOST!!!

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