10 Last-Minute WWE Payback 2016 Rumors You Need To Know

8. Seth Rollins Returns

finn balor bullet club

Rumors have been spreading over the past couple of days that Seth Rollins - who was backstage at WrestleMania - will also be backstage at Payback. Though reportedly he'll only be at the show to discuss direction for his character upon his return, that hasn't stopped fans from speculating that the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion will make an on-screen return.

Rollins has been out of action since November, when he suffered a knee injury at a house show in Dublin and was forced to relinquish the title. Initial estimates indicated that Rollins would be out between six and nine months, but last month, news broke indicating that Rollins was progressing better than expected and had resumed in-ring training.

The sooner Rollins returns to action, the better, but it's unlikely that it'll happen at Payback. The star was reportedly seen limping at WrestleMania, meaning that four weeks later, he's probably not ready to get involved in matches or storylines. Even if he were, there's already so much anticipation over Payback's main event regarding Bullet Club that a Rollins comeback wouldn't get the focus it deserves.


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