10 Legit Wrestling Injuries That Were Made Into A Storyline

6. Lex Luger's Metal Plate

Stone Cold Neck Injury

Lex Luger's run in the WWF from 1992 to 1995 was hit and miss to say the least. Brought in as the 'The Narcissist', Luger soon evolved into the All-American babyface and was moulded into a second-rate Hulk Hogan. When that didn't work out, he was placed in a tag team with Davey Boy Smith before jumping ship to WCW for the debut of Nitro.

Although Luger struggled to get over as a main event babyface in the World Wrestling Federation, it wasn't through the lack of trying on both sides. The WWF even blurred the lines by incorporating a real life motorbike accident into the presentation.

The accident itself had happened prior to Luger arriving in the WWF, legitimately leaving him with a metal plate in his arm. While the actual size of the plate was considerably smaller than Vince and co. would have you believe, the genuine incident led to Luger being portrayed as a bionic man of sorts. As a result, 'The Total Package' began using a forearm smash as a finisher.

The gimmick surprisingly got over and the legend of the bionic forearm gave Luger a deadly move that could knockout the toughest of competition. Sadly for Lex, it wasn't enough to knock Bret Hart off the top spot as number one babyface at the time.


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