10 Lessons WWE WrestleMania 36 Needs To Learn From WrestleMania 35

Maybe we don't need all of the good guys to win?

Christmas is over and now that WWE's limp end to 2019 is firmly in the rear-view mirror, the inevitable season of hype that is the Road to WrestleMania now finds itself on our doorstep.

What epic feuds are about to be set into motion?

Which superstars will change the landscape by winning the Royal Rumbles?

Will Hulk Hogan somehow find a way to get involved with 'Mania again, against all of our wishes?

All those questions are about to be answered in the next couple of months. Yet, with every new WrestleMania season comes the chance to learn from the mistakes of the previous year's entry.

That isn't to say that 'Mania 35 was a failure by any means, as last year's Showcase of the Immortals definitely ticked a lot of positive boxes. However, it still wasn't anywhere near a perfect show.

So, how can 'Mania 36 edge closer towards being remembered in the same breath as some of the iconic 'Manias of days gone by? Well, if WWE can incorporate these ten improvements which were missing from 2019's event at MetLife Stadium, there may be hope for another modern classic 'Mania event yet.


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