10 Long-Term WWE Pay Offs You Should Be Excited For

Write a letter to your future self who won't change, and don't let the internet ruin your time.


WWE fans - actual fans of WWE, people that enjoy or want to enjoy that product - have it rougher than it may often appear.

Amplified by the early promise and (slightly) more logical approach of All Elite Wrestling, a vocal minority of anti-WWE wrestling fans have turned much of their online biliousness in the direction not of maniacal billionaire Vince McMahon and his often-sh*tty product, but those earnest fans that choose to try and find quality in a show that so often is short on it. NXT, by virtue of its entanglement within the WWE Universe hasn't been immune either - the Wednesday Night War discourse has often resulted in the black-and-gold brand undeservedly being tarred with the same brush as Raw or SmackDown.

And what of that brush, or that tar? Are the red and blue brands destined for a lifetime of this treatment thanks to decades of abuse from a schizophrenic leader and a team too terrified/over-worked/under-prepared/all-of-the-above to challenge him? Will fans of either show be forced into grading both on a curve forever, just to try and gain some enjoyment out of them?

Yes, is the answer. These questions are tragically not as rhetorical as they may appear, but if you're one of the fans that may feel marginalised or prohibited from simply liking what you like, this may just be the list for you...


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