10 Longest Women's Championship Reigns In WWE History

Nikki Bella is still a long way off having the longest ever women's title reign.

For the past few weeks on Raw and Smackdown, Team Bella have been coming out and showing fans a countdown on the €œBellaTron€, counting down the days until current Divas Champion Nikki Bella€™s reign becomes the longest in WWE history. This countdown clock is set to finish some time shortly after the end of Raw this coming Monday (14/09) at which point Nikki will officially hold the record for the longest Divas Championship reign. However a spanner was thrown in the works on this week€™s Raw (07/09) when it was announced that Nikki would have to face Charlotte in a title match prior to the completion of countdown clock. This move has been very much welcomed by fans who believe that Nikki would be very undeserving of the record given how little she has actually defended her title since becoming champion last November. Nonetheless, even if Nikki should fail to break the record she will still go down in history as having one of the longest Divas title reigns of all time. In line with this achievement, this article plans to outline the top 10 longest reigning female champions in WWE history. However€ Given that the Divas Championship has only been around since 2008, when Vickie Guerrero introduced the title during the brand extension so that that Smackdown could have an exclusive female championship, it doesn€™t seem right that some of the greatest women in wrestling history will be excluded from this list. Therefore, the list will take into account the longest title reigns of both the Divas Championship and also the now retired Women€™s Championship, which was in existence from 1965 all the way up until September 19, 2010, when it became unified with the Divas Championship.
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