10 Longest Women's Championship Reigns In WWE History

10. Maryse

Championship Held €“ DivasLength of Longest Reign €“ 216 Days Former WWE Diva Maryse was the 2nd ever holder of the Divas Championship and during this reign she managed to rack up what is currently the 3rd longest reign in the history of the belt. She first won the title by defeating Michelle McCool on an episode of Smackdown, in a match in which fellow Diva Maria had been acting as the special guest referee. Although Maryse would eventually lose the title in July 2009, when she was defeated by Mickie James at Night of Champions, this was not the only time she held the title. Her second reign came in February, 2010, when she defeated Gail Kim in the final of a tournament to claim the vacant title following an injury to champion Melina. This reign, however, was much less impressive, lasting just 49 days. It is worth noting that Maryse won the title at a taping of Smackdown on December 22, 2008, and so the WWE doesn€™t officially recognise her reign as starting until December 26, 2008, the date when the episode aired. That being the case, the WWE class her reign as only lasting for 212 days. Had I have chosen to go by this date (as opposed to the actual date) then Maryse would not have made the list and you would instead be reading about Chyna€™s 214 day reign as Women€™s Champion.
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