10 Lost Classic WWE Matches

The classic matches that aren't quite as canonised or beloved as they should be.

CM Punk John Cena

There is so much wrestling out there. Within WWE, there are several weekly shows and around a dozen PPVs a year, with hundreds of matches occurring annually between a plethora of opponents.

As soon as one event is over, the next will be preparing to start and this leads to many matches slipping from memory or going completely under the radar. This is a shame because there are legions of wonderful WWE contests that have failed to be canonised and don't currently receive the widespread appreciation they deserve.

In wrestling, it can be hard to retroactively appreciate matches when there is so much new content coming all of the time, but it's important to look back at these contests. The workers within them deserve their recognition and praise, audiences deserve the opportunity to get to watch them and hopefully, discussions over the best WWE matches of all time can include some of these matches as well as the canonical classics.

All of these matches are brilliant in their own ways, from blood-soaked brawls to technical wrestling masterpieces, and fully represent the broad spectrum of wrestling's potential as an art form. Hopefully you'll find something to love here.

10. Chris Jericho Vs. Rey Mysterio - The Bash 2009

CM Punk John Cena

The Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio feud of 2009 is criminally underrated - two genius workers at the prime of their careers putting on absolutely sensational matches that had real stakes and emotional investment from the audience. Their masterpiece together was at The Bash 2009, where Jericho's Intercontinental Championship and Mysterio's mask were both on the line.

The match was stupendous, an electric series of counters mixed with audacious spots. Jericho in particular put on a mesmerising heel performance, going from being calm and collected in his malicious beating of Mysterio to becoming frantic whenever Mysterio kicked out. The moment where he goes for a desperate Lionsault and fails, allowing Rey to get back into the contest is beautiful, as is the clever Walls of Jericho counter following a 619.

The real strength to the match is the clear attachment to Mysterio from the crowd, with every kick out being met with insane reactions. It's an exhilarating contest that maximised both men's strengths, with the double mask finish and Mysterio's eventual victory being met with rapturous applause. While Mysterio would go on and have a similar feud with CM Punk, this remains the greatest mask match he had in WWE.


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