10 Managers WWE Must Use

Managing is a lost art, but maybe WWE can find it again.

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In 2017, managing is something of a lost art in professional wrestling. Sure, we have Paul Heyman, but as good as he is, he's only one man. Paul Ellering is relegated to NXT, Bob Backlund utterly failed to 'make Darren Young Great Again', and the-once powerful Lana has traded in her managerial blazers for an ill-defined dancing gimmick. It's safe to say that this is not exactly the golden age of the wrestling manager.

But that needn't be so! Managers have never stopped being useful to the business, even if WWE seems to have forgotten that. Any time they want, WWE can reach into their surprisingly deep roster of active performers and alumni to make the wrestling manager a THING again.

Who might these hypothetical managers be suited to represent? WWE's current roster is positively awash with talented performers that badly need direction. Click on to learn who should manage who, and be sure to make your own ideas known in the comments below.

10. James Mitchell - The Ascension

enzo amore

Apart from a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance at One Night Stand, James Mitchell/ Sinister Minister/ James Vandenberg has never been to WWE. His brand of try-hard goth dad hamminess would normally be out of place in modern WWE, but at least one act could benefit from his presence: The Ascension.

Arguably, no NXT talents have made the transition to the main roster as poorly as Konnor and Viktor, and there's not much you could do to them to make them look much worse - so why not play up the hokeyness of their gimmick by pairing them with the good Reverend?

He's had years of experience chewing the scenery in off-brand Undertaker storylines as the manager/secret father of Abyss, and if anyone can bring the goofy pro-wres goth goodness out of the Ascension, it's him.

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