10 Masked Wrestling Gimmicks That Changed Ownership

10. Doink

More a wig and face paint than a mask, granted, Doink the Clown was an original WWE shapeshifter back in 1993.

Originally portrayed by territory stalwart Matt Borne, Borne's portrayal of a technically sound, evil wrestling clown would last less than a year before he was fired for repeated drug offenses.

Borne, who wrestled under his own name at the first WrestleMania, was replaced by the unknown Ray Apollo as Doink turned babyface for the first time against Jerry Lawler.

This wasn't the first time Doink had been played by someone other than Borne, however. During his WrestleMania IX match with Crush, Steve Kiern played an impostor Doink, and would often go on to portray the character at house shows during the period, as would Steve Lombardi.

Ultimately deemed a failure, Doink was fazed out throughout 1995. Borne himself, would go on to make appearances in ECW as both Doink and a bi-polar version of Doink, Borne Again, returning to WWE for a final shot as Doink for RAW 15 in 2007.

Appearing sporadically on WWE TV over the years, having been portrayed by Lombardi, Nick Dinsmore and even Chris Jericho, Doink is currently performed by fat Tony at your local bingo hall.

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