10 Matches WWE Cancelled From WrestleMania

10 times WWE dealt with the "mania" of WrestleMania...


Sometimes the Grandest Stage of Them All isn't so grand.

Sure, the pageantry, pomp, and circumstance surrounding WrestleMania reaches new levels every year. The pyrotechnics, the large-scale sets, the elaborate ring entrances, the grandiose costumes all help WWE bill WrestleMania as the "greatest event in all of entertainment" today. Whether or not that's a fair statement is debatable, but it's certainly one of the greatest, if not THE.

One thing that isn't up for debate, however, is that over the years, WWE has had a helluva time planning WrestleMania. Sometimes the "Mania" becomes too much.

Booking the proper venue, planning the right rivalries and programs, preparing the proper talent, deciding which matches to feature, and timing out the show have all combined to create a great challenge that, in some cases, has proven too difficult to execute without major flaws. In other words, there have been several times throughout WrestleMania history where matches were promised ahead of time, but for one reason or another, were cancelled.

Considering the near 33 years WrestleMania has existed, these hiccups are understandable in several cases, and really quite seldom - but that doesn't change the fact that WWE did plan to present the following but never delivered the goods.


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