10 Mind-Blowingly BATSH*T WWE Moments You Totally Forget About

Remember when 'The Best in the World' was nearly taken out by WWE backstage equipment? LOL.

Friar Ferguson

The routinely mad world of sports entertainment has chucked out some of the most outrageous, ridiculous, and batsh*t occurrences the wrestling business has ever seen. Largely because it was ran by Vince McMadMahon for decades.

Blokes have been thrown off the top of steel structures, performers have had their eyes popped out of their skulls, and The Miz somehow became a double Grand Slam Champion.

And those are just the insane moments you remember, folks.

Now think of how many utterly absurd, dumb, and sometimes quite disturbing events you have likely buried deep down in your mind and forgotten long ago that went down on WWE programming.

Well, not for much longer!

You better believe the likes of Triple H and co. are hoping the majority of their fanbase never lay eyes on the visual of a beheaded adored babyface, hilariously bad mascots, and giants being taken out like an elephant in the wild. But thanks to this very list, you'll never be able to unsee all of the above and so much more.

So, it's time to get weird. Like crazy wrestling monk weird.

10. Kurt Angle Shoots Big Show With A Tranquilliser Dart

Friar Ferguson

These two former WWE Champions have found themselves in the middle of their fair share of entirely absurd WWE moments over the years - and that's just together.

But while many would likely be quick to remember the absolutely mad sight of Angle being chokeslammed off a balcony by the giant in April 2004, those same folks often overlook the fact that something even more bizarre occurred on SmackDown between the pair a few months later.

With the two feuding heading into that year's No Mercy PPV, Show and Eddie Guerrero took on Angle and Luther Reigns in a main event contest on the blue show. The moment Mark Jindrak surprisingly intervened, however, things all got a bit, well, insane.

In a move that was apparently the idea of none other than Paul Wight himself, Angle shockingly revealed a tranquilliser gun he'd stashed under the announce desk to use at exactly the right moment.

That time was now. And sure enough, a few too many pumps of the weapon later, Show was darted like an animal in the zoo. After much surreal wobbling, Angle and his mates then proceeded to give Show a rather uncomfortable trim.

Hilariously, that wouldn't even be the last time someone was shot with a dart on WWE TV either, with JBL also being tranquillised by that exact same weapon in 2005. You can literally hear the sound of the creepy billionaire howling in Gorilla.


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