10 Mind-Blowingly BATSH*T WWE Moments You Totally Forget About

9. The Boogeyman Plays With His Heart

Friar Ferguson

With Monday Night Raw going down in glorious Sheffield, England back on November 21, 2005, WWE obviously felt this was the perfect opportunity to throw one of the oddest versions of "London Bridge is Falling Down" you've ever heard onto the red show.

As the then-WWE Champion John Cena wandered around backstage asking different members of the locker room how they felt about the bald wrestler hunter known as Kurt Angle, an uncomfortably horny 'Face that Runs the Place' managed to bump into a half-naked Candice Michelle, Snitsky and Tomko deep in a friendly massage, and a lunatic with a heart hanging around his neck.

And it was that last unexpected meeting that give birth to the totally freaky rendition of the aforementioned nursery rhyme, accompanied by trademark glass smash, disturbing chuckles, and what appeared to be a river of baby oil exiting The Boogeyman's mouth.

Only in sports entertainment, eh.

Sure, it's not quite as distressing or unfortunately memorable as watching Martin Wright chew a mole of Jillian Hall's, but this often forgotten surprise Cena greeting from the worm-eating menace still ranks as one of the most surreal cameos in WWE history.


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