10 Modern-Era Title Reigns That Should Have Never Happened

Not All Title Runs Are Created Equal.


For a professional wrestler there should be no greater feeling in the world than capturing a championship title. From the Impact X Divison strap to the Universal Championship, every belt should serve to elevate the performer holding it.

Conversely, the belt holder should also add credibility to whichever title they are in possession of. A successful reign is like a good marriage, with an inevitable divorce coming at some point down the road. However, after said divorce, both parties will have benefited from the relationship.

Unfortunately, throughout the history of professional wrestling, there have been several instances when a title run damaged the champion, the belt itself, or in some cases both.

Too often championships have been mismanaged and given to unworthy recipients for a host of ridiculous reasons. In some instances, these once prestigious ornaments never regained their former glory, after being worn by an undeserving owner. Moreover, there are also plenty of examples of struggling titles that were made to seem even less relevant, due to bad booking.

With that in mind, it's time to take a look at some of the worst title reigns of the modern-era. These cringe-worthy championship stints will serve as a reminder that not all title runs are created equal.

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